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Kendrick Lamar invites fans to perform 'M.A.A.D. City' until one repeatedly says the N-word

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White fan repeatedly sings the N-word after Kendrick Lamar advised her to avoid the word.

Kendrick Lamar brought up a couple of fans to perform with him at Hangout Festival, where he was the headliner for the final night. He laid out the rules before performing, with a reminder that the N-word was off-limits. “You got to bleep one single word though,” Lamar said. One fan named Delaney was given a chance on stage after two others had their shot. She dodged the first N-word but slipped the second time and continued to sing it two more times. She realized a little too late after the crowd cringed and booed in response. A water bottle appeared to have been flung across the crowd after Lamar stopped her. You can watch the performance below: In the end, Lamar, who appeared to be laughing, thanked Delaney for joining him on stage and asked her to leave. Here are some reactions on Twitter: We'd like to know, what was your reaction?