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“Gotham…is anyone ever safe?”

Gotham is beginning to really heat up. We start off tonight’s episode of Gotham in The Narrows. Plenty of action going on as Captain Gordon is continuing to look for Bullock. Ivy finally wakes up after the accident and has completely transformed. It seems like we have seen the birth of Poison Ivy. Alfred is still adjusting to life outside of Wayne Manor. Leslie is attempting to rally the people of The Narrows to change their ways. We notice a man hiding in the background and then sends a toy airplane through the crowd and attempts to blow up and kill Leslie. Exciting start in The Narrows.

We continue the action in The Narrows as Jim is investigating the explosion. Lucius offers his expertise and they find the toy plane. Lucius suggests that maybe the assassin had a specific target. Edward is furious that someone tried to take her out. Butch is also having an identity crisis. He is starting to remember that he is Butch Gilzean.

Jim and Lucius go to visit the antique toy manufacturer. They question the son and as they go looking for his father the toys start opening fire. It seems that the Toy Maker has the entire store rigged. They question the son who tells them that he heard his dad talking to someone over the phone about taking out “The Doc.” Ivy continues to wander the streets noticing how the plant life in the city is being ignored. She sneaks into a lavish condo and sees a commercial for The Sirens Club and recognizes owners Barbara, Tabitha and Selina.     

Alfred is the new hero of The Narrows after his bravery during the explosion. He is becoming close friends with the waitress from the diner named Tiffany. He has an altercation with her abusive boyfriend Gil Rooney. Alfred drops his ring and Gil picks it up. This comes back into play as sadly Tiffany winds up dead. She was beat to death and they find Alfred’s ring at the scene. This is an obvious set up and you know Alfred is looking for revenge.

The Sirens Club is the place to be. It seems that commercial has helped business. Ivy strolls in looking for her old pal Selina. Selina is busy playing bouncer as she goes over to Bruce and his crew as they are being a little too rowdy. It seems that Bruce is still living the party lifestyle. I’m curious to see how much longer this keeps up. Selina quickly realizes the mystery girl as Ivy. Jim also stops by the club to talk with Barbara. He wants information about “The Doc.” Barbara tells him that they are partners with Edward and are hanging out at Cherry’s in the Narrows.

Tabitha and Butch have a bit of an awkward reunion. Butch tells Tabitha he still loves her but it doesn’t seem that Tabitha feels the same. Selina also finally confronts Ivy who gives Selina a taste of what her new poison tastes like. Ivy tells Selina they should take Gotham over. I’m liking this new side of Ivy.

Jim goes to Cherry’s and finds out that Leslie is “The Doc.” She is currently giving the people of The Narrows another pep talk about them all standing together. Leslie and Jim have a bit of an awkward reunion. Jim tells Leslie that Griffin Krank was hired to kill her by someone. Edward notices Krank from across the room. He goes to confront him and Krank tells Edward that his alias (The Riddler) is the one who paid him to kill Leslie. Jim then confronts them and shoots Krank and Edward gives him a fake story. I’m really hoping that Edward goes full Riddler in the near future.

Alfred goes into a bar to confront Gil. He starts fighting Gil and is quickly outnumbered. He is saved by bartender Bullock! Bullock and Alfred are having a drink when Jim comes in. He tells Bullock that he misses him and wants him to come back. Bullock refuses and tells Jim he knows something is eating at him. He tells Jim he isn’t coming back. He also tells Jim to take his badge back. Jim picks up Bullock’s badge and walks out of the bar….

This was a solid episode to resume season 4. I’m liking where the current storylines are heading and I can’t wait for next week to see the return of Jerome!!

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.