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Rumor has it that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's epic feud is over

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Will this be the end of the longest celeb feud ever?

Rumors are swirling that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry may be at the end of their epic feud. Again. Because of a music video. Again. This time the question is if things will smooth over when Katy joins Taylor on her new music video for "End Game," which features Future and Ed Sheeran. It seems both ladies were in Miami at the same time while the video was being filmed. The rumor seems to be based on the image captured by TMZ of one of the dancers who resembles Katy. Taylor Swift , katy Perry, Fued Then there's the irony of the lyrics of "End Game," which go For all my flaws, paranoia, and insecurities/I've made mistakes and made some choices, that's hard to deny,  This could be the music video to end all music videos. But let's be honest, girl drama simply does not go away that easily.