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NCIS: New Orleans focused on the murder of a Navy chaplain who worked in Clearwater. When he died trying to get to a young fighter, the team investigated only to run into Mayor Hamilton. Of course, it is tense between Hamilton and Pride, especially when the former asks about Sonja, who is still in prison. As the team tries to work on a connection between the murder and Hamilton, Pride’s anger and rage gets the best of him. Things even go from bad to worse when Patton is accused of conducting illegal cyber work. It’s a tough pill to swallow as they all struggle to make sense of what is happening to their team. The team is getting closer to finding out just what Mayor Hamilton is up to. With only two episodes left, we can only speculate where the story will go for the NCIS crew. While we wait to find out what will happen, check out the top 10 moments from “Knockout.”

10. Prison visit

Before getting their case, Pride and Chris visit Sonja, who is still in prison on contempt charges for not revealing the whereabouts of a woman she let escape. At the moment, she is in protective custody and safe from the general population.

9. Work the case

The team gets the call when Commander Henry Morgan, a navy Chaplain who also lived in Clearwater, dies after attempting to get to a boxer named Jonathan Rudd. All the team knows is his last words were “Trust in the Word” and he had been working on something before his death.

8. Church

Pride goes to the church and finds Jonathan beating on a known gang member, believing him to be responsible for the Chaplain’s death since he had been working to keep gangs from taking control of the city. The church has been destroyed, but the man, Carlton Bane, claims it was ruined before he got there. He respected the Chaplain and denies killing him.

7. New cell

Somehow, Sonja is sent to general population, something that leaves her fearful since she has put away a lot of the inmates who are there. She calls Chris and he immediately urges her to do anything she has to in order to separate herself from everyone else. She does this by attacking a guard, sending her to solitary confinement.

6. Reckless

Pride begins to behave recklessly in an effort to connect Hamilton to the events that occurred to lead to Morgan’s murder. When he goes after the killer and does not wait for backup, he almost puts his life in danger and the killer gets away. Unbeknowst to the team, the man meets up with Hamilton and his new security head.

5. Friendly advice

When Pride goes to see Loretta in autopsy, she tries to give him advice on slowing dowand letting the evidence lead where it would go.

4. Patton

Pride and the team are stunned when Patton is accused of hacking a federal server during a gaming case and he can’t work on the computers anymore. Even though Karen claims to be doing her job as he district attorney, Pride believes she is just a puppet for Hamilton. Even though Patton is ordered not to work, he won’t be stopped, sneaking to Loretta’s work in order to finish the job. In addition, since the information about the case, which involved Javier Garcia, was only known to few people including the Mayor, it only fuels the determination Pride has to keep moving closer to him.

3. Gunfire

The team finds out that the people behind Morgan’s murder are looking for a drive that holds crucial information that led to his death. They know it’s in the church, but it was completely torn apart. However, Pride thinks about Morgan’s last words and looks in the binding of the Bible (I called it as soon as Pride picked it up earlier in the episode) to find it was hidden inside. Before they can escape, the church is hit by gunfire and Pride has Jonathan escape to the back where the lights are while he and Chris take cover until they can return fire.

2. Camera

The team finds the video and as they watch Morgan, they also see men talking. One of them steps into view and Pride realizes it is Hamilton’s new security head. He had been speaking to the killer about Clearwater before he heard a noise that drew him to Morgan.

1. Funeral

Morgan’s funeral is held and of course, Hamilton makes an appearance. Pride is stoic as he watches and his team wait to see if they should follow him. However, Pride tells them to stand down as he wanted to watch and wait to see how Stone could lead them to finally stopping the Mayor.