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Lisa Kudrow, otherwise known as Phoebe Buffay from '90s sitcom Friends, announced that there won't be a Friends reunion. The comedian visited the Today show on Tues., Feb. 28, where she talked about her upcoming film Table 19. When talk show host, Savannah Guthrie, asked her about a Friends reunion, she told them not to expect one. "If we don't tell you that one's coming and then it doesn't happen, you have no reason to be disappointed," she said. "I'm managing expectations."

Friends was a hit series that aired in 1994 and ran until 2004. It became a staple show that everyone goes back to. So, why not have a reunion? Well, Kudrow said there already was one. "We have reconvened," she said in her interview with Today. "Privately for dinner." In fact, she gave details about how the group of friends "had such a good time." Kudrow continued, "It was hilarious. We were laughing nonstop." So, why didn't we ever hear about this? Guthrie pointed out how unfair this was. But Kudrow responded by asking what the reunion would be about. "The thing we liked about that show is it was like 20-somethings and they were their own family and now they have families," she mentioned. Kudrow said that even though it would be fun, she doesn't see it happening. What trouble would Phoebe get into if she had a family to manage 13 years later? Even if a reunion never happens, there will always be the original series to resort to.