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Demi Lovato is not bothered by latest nude pics leaked online

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Demi Lovato wants everyone to know, especially hackers, that she is not at all bothered by the racy photos of her that were leaked online. After news about the pics surfaced, the "Confident" artist took to Twitter on Tuesday, March 21, to clarify that they did not even show nudity. “I love how everyone’s freaking out about one picture. It’s not nude and it’s just cleavage,” Lovato tweeted. The pic she is referring to is reportedly one of her lying down in an unzipped Adidas sweatshirt. There is also a rumor that another picture showing more than that is floating around. However, it is unknown if there is any truth to that since it has not yet been confirmed. A few minutes later the singer tweeted another message that seems to be aimed directly at those responsible for leaking the image. “Besides the world has seen me nude BY CHOICE before.. #vanityfair #nicetry #cleavagegameonpoint #myboobsarenteventhatbig #angles,” she wrote. Lovato has said that she is now comfortable in her own skin and some sexy pics on her Instagram account as well as her profile pic reflect that, so leaking an image of her in an unzipped shirt really won't get her down.