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We have complied our Top 10 list of – slightly unconventional – love songs from an array of genres, which you haven’t already heard 20 times this week.

  Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. Hopefully by now you have at least a vague sense of what you plan to do for your sweetheart. Just remember: Whether you’re spending your night out on the town or keeping it cozy at home, it’s always the little things that make the date. Small details are the perfect way to let your honey know you listen when they speak. Because you do, right?... Right?   Let your special someone know that you understand their likes, dislikes, style and inclinations this Valentine’s Day. Not sure how? We are here to help. Some people adore the typical, super sappy, dramatic love song. However, formulaic tunes don’t always capture your unique situation or the specific individuals involved. So we have complied our Top 10 list of – slightly unconventional – love songs from an array of genres. None of these tracks are played-out or stereotypical and each carries its own distinct message.   So take a few minutes to check out these tunes, along with the statement we think each gets across. Whether it’s an "I’m sorry" sort of Valentine’s Day, or a "I’ll love you forever" type of holiday, we got you covered. Good luck out there kids.

Bloc Party “So Here We Are”

What it says: We lost our way, but I think we’re back.


The Beatles “Why Don’t We Do It In the Road”

What it says: Let’s get right to the point.


The White Stripes “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”

What it says: I miss you.


The Damned “Love Song”

What it says: I don’t usually do this, but I love you.


Method Man and Mary J. Blige “I’ll Be There For You”

What it says: I come off tough, but you make me weak in the knees.


Weezer “Falling For You”

What it says: You inspire equal parts love and anxiety in me.


That Dog “Long Island”

What it says: It’s the little things that make me adore you.


Birds and the Bees “F—king Boyfriend”

What it says: Are we doing this thing, or what?


The Get Up Kids “Mass Pike”

What it says: I’m sorry.


L7 “Till The Wheels Fall Off”

What it says: I’m yours forever.