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Celebs all have different ways of anticipating the Academy Awards. In preparation for the Oscars, comedian and late night talk show host Seth Meyers did what he does best and he made fun of them. On the Tuesday, Feb. 21, broadcast of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host debuted the parody trailer for Oscar Bait, a film comprised of everything that makes a movie Oscar-worthy. Touted as "The most blatant attempt to win an Oscar since The King's Speech," Oscar Bait features Oscar-worthy staples including racial tension, artsy shots, lots and lots of crying and a man suffering from a rare deadly disease (Balloon Foot— if it pops, he dies). As the Business Insider noted, the video's timing is perfect as ballots for the Academy Awards are due today. According to the trailer, you can catch Oscar bait at your nearest independent-dangerously-close to closing down movie theater or you can watch the trailer below (and laugh heartily as I did).