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The Flash returned last week with Barry struggling over the knowledge that Iris will die in four months. Still reeling from what he saw in the future, he is distant and doesn’t tell her what is troubling him. To make matters worse, the newest villain, Plunder, is on the scene and Barry is reluctant to stop him. This is because he saw a news report on Plunder on the night he saw Iris killed. When he finally tells Iris what happened, the rest of the team work together to figure out if there is a possibility they can alter key details of the future. The only person who does not know is Joe, something Iris doesn’t want to reveal to him. When Cisco vibes Barry to see that future, they capture details from the news headlines that could help alter what happens leading to her death. Meanwhile, H.R. is still trying to open the S.TA.R. Labs museum, but he is running into issues, especially when no one comes to his opening night. At first, Cisco is reluctant to give it a try but he comes around to helping H.R. succeed. Then, Caitlin is also dealing with her meta human cuffs going haywire and she goes to Julian for help. She also sees he is struggling and decides to help him, including by extending an offer to work together. The one question we will have to wait to see answered is if Barry will save Iris. Will he save anyone else who needs to be saved? For now, catch up with Team Flash in the episode “Borrowing Problems from the Future.”

10. Nightmares

Barry has been having nightmares about losing Iris and has been unable to say anything. Trying to handle this on his own is also keeping him from opening up to Iris.

9. Museum

H.R. continues work building up the S.T.A.R. Labs museum, much to everyone’s dismay. Cisco is even less than impressed over a holographic image of him.

8. Robbery

When Flash goes to stop a robbery, he is shocked to see it is the same criminal he saw on a television screen from the future. Because he is so caught off guard, he is unable to stop him.

7. Plunder

Jared Morillio is the criminal Barry saw and he flashes back when H.R. calls him Plunder. He becomes reluctant to stop him, fearing it will lead to losing Iris.

6. Working together

Caitlin goes to see Julian for help and knows he is having a hard time dealing with everything that had happened to him. She offers him a place with the team so he won’t be alone. However, she doesn’t tell them about her offer and works to convince them to give him a chance.

5. The future

After getting upset with Wally for catching Plunder, Barry finally admits what happened in the future. She is understandably distraught but he assures her he will do all he can to save her. Iris tells Barry they can’t hide this and go to tell the rest of the team.

4. Vibe

In order to help Barry figure out if they can change the future, Cisco vibes him to the moment he saw Iris die so they can see what the news headlines were the night of her death. They see multiple headlines, including Killer Frost being at large. Then they notice H.R. is there, meaning the future has been altered since. After coming out of the vibe, Wally comes to tell them that Plunder escaped from prison.

3. Amends

After realizing where Plunder is going to be, Barry apologizes to Wally for how he acted and assures him he is ready to fight. He decides to have Wally catch Plunder in order to change the news report that he is the one who caught him.

2. Housewarming

Barry and Iris have a housewarming party with their family and friends. Everything goes well and Julian even comes over. Barry officially accepts him into the team and H.R. gives a speech toasting Iris and Barry.

1. Mysterious visitor

A breach is opened and a young woman looks at a hologram image of H.R. It appears she is there to look for him.