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Review of new mixtape from Captain Cuts ‘The Life of Emo’

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On Dec. 1, Captain Cuts released their new mixtape The Life of Emo. This nostalgia-fueled pop-punk set brings us back in a well executed arrangement.

    On Dec. 1, Captain Cuts released the new mixtape The Life of Emo. This group is comprised of Los Angeles-based artists Ryan McMahon, Ryan Rabin and Ben Berger. The trio dropped their first pop-punk-emo mixtape If You’re Listening, It Isn’t Too Late last year. Now, The Life of Emo takes up the banner in a second chapter of sorts. In an expertly mixed set, Captain Cuts reminds listeners why they were so into pop-punk in the 2000s. This tape reintroduces hits from Sum 41, Bink-182, All American Rejects and Taking Back Sunday, among others. Each is restaged with electro-dance tunes as the backdrop. The Life of Emo is successful for a number of reasons. First, it is near-pure nostalgia. It is impossible for audiences to listen without remembering belting these tunes in the car with friends. Second, Captain Cuts breathes new life into each tune. Their additions to the tracks make each feel relevant again. Lastly, these gentlemen are able to connect pieces that make for odd but effective bedfellows. Captain Cuts released an entertaining and skillful mixtape with The Life of Emo. Once audiences embark on this journey, it is impossible to turn away.