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Rebecca Mail is a sensational monthly subscription box that ships out a variety of high quality lifestyle/household goodies. In the past they’ve included bath and beauty supplies, pillow cases, mugs, tumblers, stationery, snacks and wearables. I received December’s “Most Wonderful Time” box full of holiday fun. Here’s what was inside.

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This month’s items were shipped in a pretty silver box with logoed Christmas trimmings. Pulling it from the mailbox was great for increasing my holiday spirit.

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Inside the box was a gorgeous red patterned tissue paper with shredded cardboard beneath to keep everything whole. Nothing arrived broken, so they did their job.

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After opening the tissue paper, I found several items below. The first was a set of marble coasters – heavy and beautiful. They are a shimmery white with gold paint around the edges and are sure to last for many years. I love them. Next were a tote bag and a bracelet. The tote has a classic picture from an old winter travel brochure. It’s cute and will be great for carrying books or groceries. The bracelet is a simple silver tone bangle printed with the word “Dream.” It’s pretty, but too small for my wrist so I gave it to my fashion loving niece for Christmas.

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After the previous items were a desk calendar and a set of magnets. The calendar is a series of cards with prickly cactus drawings that sit in the seam of a branch cutting. I’m not one for traditional wall calendars, but these cards will help me keep track of the day with a quick glance. They’re cute too. The magnets are colored glass with a strong magnetic back. They’ll hold the stubbornest papers on my fridge. Much more useful than the thin ones you normally get in subscription boxes.

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Last in the package were an assortment of candy, some beauty samples and a blank holiday card. The sweets included were three peppermint meltaways and a gourmet chocolate bar. I expected the bar to be chewy, but it was solid dark chocolate with dried cranberries and nuts. I’m a huge dark chocolate fan and I devoured every delicious bite. I passed the peppermints on to my fiancé to prove I could share. He really liked them. The beauty sample pack was full of facial cleansers and serums. I haven’t tried them yet, but Rebecca always includes high quality items, so I’m sure they’ll do nice things for my skin. The Christmas card had a pretty snow globe picture on the front. My grandmother insisted that no one get her any gifts this year, but we passed her this card with a handwritten sentiment inside to let her know we were thinking of her. Rebecca always packs her boxes to the brim with items worth at least the $35 price of the package. Shipping is an additional $6, but judging by how much she throws in, I’m sure it costs her much more than that to send them. If you’re looking for a lifestyle box that won’t disappoint, Rebecca Mail is the way to go. Just click here to sign up.