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Review of Armada debut album ‘Of An Ocean’

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Armada debut album Of An Ocean delivers skilled metal tracks – fans of Modern Day Escape will be pleased with James Vegas’ new endeavor.

  Armada released their debut album, Of An Ocean, Aug. 26. A representation of the band's many years in the industry, this record is a high-impact experience. Jerimiah James, known to Modern Day Escape fans as James Vegas, takes the mic as lead singer. His signature vocals weave throughout the record, with new twists fueled by fresh collaborations. Consequently, fans will be happy with this new project. Of An Ocean fills the void left since Modern Day Escape’s last album in 2013, but is far from an old sound.  

Walking the Accessible Metal Line

  Of An Ocean opens with hard-hitting “Like An Anchor.” An apt introduction to Armada, this first song combines fast and skillful instrumentation; screaming and aggressively sung vocals, and growling backups. A compelling cocktail, this blend flows in different forms throughout Of An Ocean.   “Bury the Wolf” continues the thread in track two. While highlighting technical capabilities of Armada’s two guitarists, genuine lyrics pull listeners in. “Bury the Wolf” maintains an unexpected but effective dynamic, comprised of smooth and catchy choruses against a-rhythmic segments.   Track three is a definitive highlight, entitled “The Fire and the Flame.” Beginning with elements that evoke images of an unhappy rally, heavy bass and drums take center stage in this well-executed opening. Exceptionally driving sounds permeate “The Fire and the Flame” – it feels as though listeners are falling and cannot stop. Surprisingly motivational lyrics complete the song, rounding it out well.   “Wake Me Up” contains a desperation that sets listener’s teeth on edge. However, Armada's members demonstrate their skill by stopping short of making the track difficult to hear. An immediate counterpoint presents itself during the intro to “Carousel”. A softer, almost intimate, voice kicks off this track. On its heels is a hard and fast departure, sweeping audiences into an immersive and determined song.   Of An Ocean concludes with standout track “Riot the Kings.” Featuring new vocal qualities layered in a complex manner, it manages not to feel messy despite the many elements. "Riot the Kings" is a strong closing song.   Armada has turned in a solid debut record with Of An Ocean. The skill of each member is obvious and the way they compliment one another seems clear. Intense, human and seemingly honest lyrics elevate this band to the next level. Fans will be pleased and expect more to come from Armada.