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LeBron James becomes Cleveland Browns quarterback in Madden 17

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

After LeBron James saved one Cleveland sports franchise (the Cavaliers) he apparently is trying to save another and has become the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in Madden 17. The Browns needed a starting quarterback after Robert Griffin III was put on injured reserve with a shoulder injury that occurred in the season opener. One Madden 17 user decided to fix the team's quarterback situation by putting James in the game as the Browns signal caller. James also plays wide receiver in the game and gets involved on special teams by blocking a field goal like he did in a State Farm commercial in which he announced that he would be joining the Browns, according to the New York Daily News. In the game he ran for touchdowns and the Browns scored over 100 points by the end of the game because of James. James played football in high school so he could have potential as a football player. "Who wouldn't want to coach LeBron James? He's the most physical specimen we have in professional sports," NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Theismann said of James playing quarterback in 2013, noted. "He could do, I think, anything he wanted." Last year, James led the Cavaliers to their first NBA championship. The Browns have never won a Super Bowl and haven’t made the playoffs since 2002. So maybe they should sign James and see if he can turn them around like he did with the Cavaliers.