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It was another live Thursday episode which meant another HG has left the house. I personally hope Meech walks out the door to the jury house. #ButFirst we go back to Day 76 where the nominations did not change. I hope Nicole stays true to the Final Four alliance and abandons the ShowMance alliance. Nicole is playing her cards close to the chest. Paul continues to play dumb to Meech and the others. He secretly feels confident in his new alliance. I’m the same way. (Also, why is Nicole painting Corey’s toes)?

Corey has the care package in his back pocket. James makes an interesting offer by claiming he will take it and throw the next HOH comp. Interesting choice Captain Camo. I bet Natalie would not approve. Nicole is clueless about Meech and her intentions. Nicole starts having paranoid thoughts that maybe Victor is working with Nat/James/Meech. (Stop it Nicole. He isn’t working with them). Corey decides that he wants to give Victor the BB bribe to ensure that he votes out Meech. This is ironic and Victor is very touched to get the money. He makes out great since he was going to do this anyway. It looks like the Final Four alliance is solidified. “So much friendship!” Paul says.

Julie then gives the HG a much needed break from the game by showing them messages from their families. It is always nice to see this and you can tell Victor and Paul are momma’s boys by seeing how emotional they got. James was very happy to see his daughter. We also got a closer look at the family of  Victor “The comeback kid.” I like his parents and still want to see Victor and Paul in the final two.

It is time for the live vote and eviction. Paul gives his usually funny speech where Meech does her usual pipe bomb where she pleads for safety and is going after Victor if she stays in the house. I’m not surprised. The vote goes as expected: Corey/Victor vote out Meech and Natalie/James vote out Paul in a 2-2 tie. Nicole shows her true alliance and votes out Meech, who does a great job of blowing up Nicole’s game on the way out of the house. “She will float her way to the final two.” Good one Meech. Nicole is going off in the house about that is why she got rid of Meech.

Meech chats with Julie and truly felt safe this week and that is the reason she didn’t campaign for her safety. Meech had her suspicions about this new alliance and Victor’s goodbye message confirmed it for her. It wouldn’t be a Big Meech eviction without some tears. #SadMeech. She is quite the super-fan and she just really wanted to win the game.

It is time for the HOH competition. I’m obviously pulling for Paul and Victor. The competition is called “Poached Eggs.” This is a familiar endurance competition where the HG have to maneuver the eggs through their chicken coop and roll them down a ramp and be the first HG to knock out the three HOH targets. It isn’t too hard but it requires plenty of patience.

Who will win the next HOH and have the power in the house?

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