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Good old-fashioned family drama spiced up this week’s episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Between Rob moving into his new house, some squabbles over interior design and Kourtney’s apparent new bff, gossip reigned supreme. The episode opened with Kim and Khloe gossiping about Rob’s relationship with Blac Chyna and the family’s issue with Chyna given her former relationship with Tyga.

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Khloe remained a skeptic of the relationship. However, Kim came to Chyna’s defense. While she admitted to not approving of Chyna, she did appreciate her for bringing out an aspect of confidence in Rob, stating that he appeared happier than he had been before. The conversation was cut short when Corey, Kris’s boyfriend, raced into the room, playing a game with Mason and Kourtney. Kim commented that Kourtney’s fast friendship with her mom’s boyfriend comes off as a tad odd. Shortly after, Kourtney arrived at a photoshoot for Architectural Digest. Considering herself a bit of an expert in interior design, Kourtney was excited for the opportunity and more excited to share it with her sister, Khloe. However, she also threw a bit of shade her in sister’s direction, failing to understand why part of the shoot would be at Khloe’s house. Meanwhile, Kris, Kim and Kylie discussed Rob and his new house, just down the street from Khloe’s. Because the two were not speaking to each other, Khloe did not know. The family remained unsure whether they should tell her. Back at the photoshoot, Kourtney unhinged Khloe when, in an attempt to have him go out to the bars with them, she facetimed Corey. Kourtney, however, did not find this weird, claiming that the two facetime almost on a daily basis. When the cover of Architectural Digest came out, Kourtney presented it to Kris and Kylie, appearing quite proud of the work she put into her house. However, she began to criticize Khloe’s house in the process, which did not go unnoticed by Kris. Later, Khloe and Kim bonded when they found out that they both think Kourtney and Corey’s friendship is highly strange. They went as far to refer to it as “inappropriate,” after pointing out some hiking photos on Instagram. Around the halfway point of the show, Kris finally told Khloe that Rob planned on moving in down the street from her house. Khloe, in retaliation, flipped her lid on her mother, calling her a liar and an enabler. She remained adamant that the money for the house in his bank account is not his. Back at the house, Kim confronted Kourtney on her relationship with Corey, admitting she finds it rather uncomfortable. Kourtney continued to defend herself, however, urging Kim to give Corey a chance. In an effort to prep Rob’s house before he moves in, Kris recruited her friend Faye to help decorate. When Rob showed up the next day with Kourtney, Corey and Kim, he seemed really happy with how the place turned out. Events took a turn for the awkward though, when Kourtney began to redecorate the house, undermining Faye’s original vision. Kris and Kim discussed her actions the next day, with Kim claiming that Kourtney seems to be turning into the house’s newest diva. Neither approved of what she had done to Faye.

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Following their conversation, Kim sat down with Corey in an attempt to get to know him better. She asked him why he liked being around their family so much, particularly Kourtney. Corey explained to her, that while he is close with certain members of his family, they are smaller in scale than the Kardashian family. He admitted to enjoy the unique dynamic, sticking close to Kourtney and the kids. Kim seemed happy with this answer. Following a quirky College Humor photoshoot, Khloe asked Kris about Rob’s move. Kris urged her to visit Rob’s house. However, Khloe expressed her concern that Rob still hadn’t said anything, not understanding his issue with her. She had been waiting for him to reach out first. Later that day, Kris and Kim confronted Kourtney on her tendency to be the authority on decorating. Kourtney immediately defended herself, however, tensions eased when she apologized for coming off as insulting. She only wanted Rob to be happy. To end the controversy once and for all, Kris retired from moving her children. The episode closed with Khloe driving to Rob’s house, following a reassuring conversation with Malika, in an attempt to reconcile. While Rob was not home, Malika encouraged her to keep trying. Khloe and Rob seem to be headed in the right direction.