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Superstars are not free of embarrassing moments when they take the stage in front of thousands of adoring fans and some of the most embarrassing instances are when they actually fall on their backsides. Well Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato both had that unfortunate mishap occur this week. Bieber’s tumble came when he was performing a concert in Kansas City, Missouri, on April 6. The Biebs was singing his hit “Sorry” and apparently lost his footing as he ran into a puddle of water on the stage. You could hear his fans gasp and shriek at the exact moment the pop star went down, but Bieber just popped back up and continued the set as if nothing happened. This video though proves that he did wipe out.

Lovato’s stumble took place when she appeared on stage to greet her fans during WE Day in Inglewood, California, on April 7. The “Confident” singer missed a step as she walked out and fell right on her bottom. Obviously embarrassed, Lovato did what most of us have done before and simply acknowledged the situation then laughed at herself. When she threw her hands up and did that, the crowd cheered for her even more as seen in the video below. Like Bieber, Lovato has fallen on stage in the past while performing and water also seemed to be the culprit. In the clip, the 23-year-old fell flat on her face while singing poolside at the WaterMarke Towe in L.A. She later posted the mishap to her own social media account.