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‘Shadowhunters’ recap episode 111: ‘Blood Calls to Blood’

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

On this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, Clary, Jace and Luke try to rescue Jocelyn, but Valentine hits them with a disturbing revelation. Jace and his father embrace. Wayland says Valentine kept him trapped for 10 years. Jace is fading from the demon venom. Wayland says Valentine kept a portal they can use to get Jace help. Alec tells Isabelle that Lydia wants to help if they can find a way. He suggests postponing the trial to buy time to find the Cup. Luke helps Simon adapt to being a vampire. Clary, Wayland and Jace come to the door for help. Clary asks Simon to get blood from Raphael to save Jace. Luke asks if Valentine hurt Jocelyn. Wayland says Valentine would never hurt her because he still loves her. Raphael doesn’t want to give Clary blood because it’s against the Accords. Simon threatens to turn Raphael in for helping Camille kidnap and kill him. Raphael opens a safe and gives Clary type O blood. He’s impressed with Simon’s blackmail plan and makes him his new adviser. The Inquisitor arrives at the Institute. She wants to have Isabelle’s trial immediately. She says Isabelle bending Clave Law is similar to Valentine before his attack. After the transfusion, Wayland tells Clary that Valentine would have loved her if he’d known about her. Clary checks on Jace. He’s doing much better. She thinks something is wrong with Wayland but can’t explain herself to Jace. She asks Jace if what they felt in the other dimension was real. He kisses her passionately. Wayland says he was injected with Downworlder blood and gained enhanced hearing and vision. He heard Valentine say he needed a base of operation closer to the Institute – Renwick’s. It’s a deserted small pox hospital. Jace wants to help Clary scout Renwick’s. Clary thinks he’s still too weak. Izzy is upset that Clave is abandoning justice for law. Alec tells her she needs an advocate. She sends him to acquire Magnus. Magnus agrees to do it in exchange for Alec’s bow and quiver. Clary tells Luke that something doesn’t add up about Wayland. They see demons guarding Renwick’s. Jace and Wayland spar. Wayland says he’s still weak. Jace says it’s because of his lessened bond with Alec. Wayland asks why he was hiding from Alec. Jace admits that Clary has the Cup. Wayland tells Jace that his bond with Clary is a weakness. Magnus is sworn in at court. He says that Isabelle didn’t act against the interest of the Clave. In fact, she may have saved the Accords. He says what the court really wants is the Cup and he asks to dismiss the case. The Inquisitor refuses. Clary says she’ll use the Cup to control the demons so they can get into Renwick’s and save Jocelyn. Wayland says Valentine will take the Cup. She says let him try. Isabelle tells the court that she doesn’t want Valentine to succeed, but Downworlders’ lives shouldn’t be treated as worthless. She compares the Clave to Valentine for fearing Downworlders. Wayland, Luke and Jace fight Valentine’s men outside Renwick’s while Clary sneaks in. Luke battles Valentine’s second-in-command while Jace and Wayland try to find Clary. Clary finds Jocelyn in an empty room. She tries to wake her, but she can’t. Wayland and Jace block the door. The room is surrounded by demons. Clary is upset they left Luke outside. Magnus calls Lydia to the stand. She admits that trying Isabelle for being compassionate and saving a life is wrong. She withdraws her charges against Izzy. The courtroom fills with applause, but the Inquisitor says Isabelle is guilty. If the Cup is returned within 24 hours, the sentence will be void; if not, Isabelle will be stripped of her runes and exiled. Clary holds up the Cup to control the demons, but it doesn’t work. Wayland asks to try. He takes the cup and then removes his glamour. He’s Valentine in disguise. He tries to use the Cup, but it doesn’t work. Clary tells the demons to stop and they do. She tells Valentine he’s not the only one who can cast a glamour and pulls out the real Cup. The one in Valentine’s hand turns into a coffee mug. Jace tells Clary to send the demons away so he can kill Valentine himself. Valentine says that the Wayland Jace grew up with was him glamoured, as well. He wants Jace to know the truth – that not only is he Clary’s father, but he’s also Jace’s. Jace and Clary are drawn together because they share blood; they’re brother and sister. Jace is emotionally wounded and can’t kill Valentine. Clary tries, but Valentine uses Jace as a shield. Clary stops and Valentine leaves through a portal. Luke arrives and the three of them take Jocelyn back to the Institute. Clary gives the Cup to Lydia. Jace and Alec argue about betraying each other. Alec leaves to tell Isabelle that the Cup has arrived. Jace asks Clary how she knew about Wayland. She says something felt off. Jace asks why she didn’t tell him. She couldn’t prove it and didn’t think he would believe her. Jace thinks he’s weak for trusting Wayland and not being able to kill him as Valentine. Alec tells Isabelle that she’s free to go. Alec walks Magnus out and gives him his bow and arrows. Magnus says he likes Lydia, but if Alec marries her they’ll both be lonely all their lives. He tells Alec to keep the bow and quiver for him. Simon admits to Luke that he’s in love with Clary, but he accepts that she’s with Jace. Luke tells him that Clary and Jace just found out they’re related. Simon is thrilled.