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Get ready to be hit in the feels with yet another '90s nostalgia article -- the cast of the sitcom The Nanny had a mini reunion at Renée Taylor's birthday celebration. Fran Drescher, who played the show's main character Fran Fine reunited with her onscreen hubby Charles Shaughnessy and Taylor, who played Fran's overbearing but lovable mother Sylvia, at Taylor's 83rd birthday party at Drescher's home. Shaughnessy shared photos of the reunion on his Facebook page calling it, "an evening with the mother in law."

Charles Shaughnessy & Fran Drescher together for Renée Taylor's birthday last weekend at Fran's house. Posted by Charles Shaughnessy on Monday, March 21, 2016
Another photo from an evening with the mother in law! Happy Birthday Renee!! with Fran Drescher Charles Shaughnessy and #ReneeTaylor Posted by Charles Shaughnessy on Saturday, March 26, 2016
According to Entertainment Weekly, this isn't the first time the cast has been back together since the show ended in 1999. Both Taylor and Shaughnessy had guest spots on Drescher's TV Land series Happily Divorced. Shaughnessy made a one-time appearance as a successful millionaire and Taylor had a recurring role as Drescher's mother's nosy neighbor. Shaughnessy still speaks highly of Drescher saying,  "[Fran Drescher] is one of the most loyal people in the business. When I called to congratulate her on the pick-up, she said I would have to come on and do a show…It’s nice to reconnect on Happily Divorced — just this once though.”