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John Oliver offers ‘premium cable profanity’ in response to Paris attacks

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John Oliver opened Last Week Tonight Sunday night with a message directly to the terrorists who attacked France on Friday night. “F**k these assholes,” Oliver said. Oliver took full advantage of being on HBO by launching into a profanity-filled message and deriding the terrorists for trying to start a culture war with France. “We know this attack was carried out by gigantic f**king assholes - unconscionable flaming assholes, possibly working with other f**king assholes, definitely working in service of an ideology of pure assholery,” Oliver said. Oliver then listed reasons why getting into a culture war with France is a very bad idea. He then told the people of France that everyone at the show is thinking about them. Here's Oliver's comments: (Warning: strong language) Two other late night comedians also had a chance to give their thoughts on the attacks. Both Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert had shows on Friday night. Colbert added a special segment to the Late Show, while Maher asked his panel - which included Jay Leno, Michael Steele and Dylan Ratigan - about the attacks. Here’s Maher: And Colbert: The attacks in Paris left 129 people dead. France blamed the attacks on ISIS, which has taken responsibility for carrying them out.