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'How to Get Away with Murder' Recap: 'She's Dying'

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On this week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, new evidence surfaces in Annalise's case, Nate is freed, and Asher accidentally lets slip about Oliver's HIV status. htgawm-header-1 The episode opens with a shot ringing out at Caleb and Catherine’s mansion and Wes running into the woods. Michaela and Laurel are waiting for him, but Connor is missing. He’s inside with a bleeding Annalise, telling her everything’s her fault. Caleb and Catherine, the siblings Annalise had been defending, are no where to be found. Flashback to two months earlier when Annalise, Frank, and Bonnie arrive at the precinct where Caleb and Catherine are being interrogated following their aunt’s sudden death. Annalise enters the interrogation room and shuts up the detective, asking to speak to the siblings herself. Caleb and Catherine insist they’re innocent and are more convinced than ever that they’re being framed. Annalise believes them. Rebecca’s landlord visits Wes and complains that she hasn’t been paying her rent, but with Rebecca still AWOL, Wes isn’t really having it. Later, at the Keating house, Annalise prepares her students for Caleb and Catherine’s arraignment in 72 hours. Annalise wants to get their charges dropped and asks Frank if he can secure a copy of the siblings’ arrest warrant. In private, Annalise tells Bonnie if she screws up again, she’ll be dead next. While working, Michaela checks her phone to see if she’s received any more texts from the mysterious number, but lies and says she’s trying to find out which judge will be presiding over Nate’s hearing. She wonders if she should attend and the others think it’s a bad idea. Enter Asher, who questions what the group is talking about, so Connor covers for Michaela and reveals Oliver’s HIV status. Annalise meets with Eve and tells her her involvement in Nate’s case can affect his defense. Eve doesn’t want Annalise micromanaging her. Eve thinks Annalise is on edge, because of the moment they shared. They both eventually laugh it off as just having fun. Nate’s hearing commences, but the D.A. wants to shut it down. She’s aware that Eve knows Annalise and believes they’re working together to establish collusion. The judge asks Eve if she knows Annalise and Eve admits she does. The hearing continues and the D.A. thinks Annalise helped Nate kill Sam. Back at the Keating house; Frank tries to show support to Bonnie, given her recent blunder, but a phone call from Annalise soon redirects his efforts. Annalise is worried, because the D.A. knows that she knows Eve. Meanwhile, Bonnie and the others are worried, because Annalise has been humiliating the D.A.’s office for years and this could be retaliation. The gang also finds out that one of the siblings’ lawyers had been given off the night of their aunt’s murder and hadn’t seen them. At Nate’s trial, Annalise is called to the stand as a material witness and questioned. The D.A. quickly begins asking questions about Annalise and Nate’s affair, which doesn’t go over well. In the hallway of the court, Connor still blames Wes for the group’s Rebecca troubles and Wes claims not to care about her anymore. A guy named Levi hits on Connor, but Michaela mentions Oliver, causing Levi to seek interest in her instead. She’s not going for it, despite Connor’s reassurance. Laurel accompanies Frank to obtain the warrant and expresses her fears about an upcoming exam. Back, at court, Annalise hides in a bathroom stall and Bonnie enters, revealing the information contained in the warrant. Caleb’s DNA was found in his aunt’s car. Annalise’s students are ready to admit defeat, though she’s unwilling to give up so easily and Wes volunteers to help Catherine talk. Moments later, Wes tells Catherine about the DNA match. Catherine’s aware Wes has been sent to “play” her. When Bonnie and Wes talk to Caleb later, Caleb continues insisting he was framed. At Nate’s trial, Annalise is further antagonized on the stand and lashes out at the D.A. when she’s had enough. Annalise’s students are forced to stay up with only 36 hours left until the hearing; she wants to get everything tossed out. While the group keeps working, Oliver shows and Asher accidentally blabs about his HIV, causing a fight to erupt between Oliver and Connor. When Annalise returns to the stand, she maintains her innocence and still blames Nate for Sam’s death. In private, Nate conferences with Eve. He refuses to lie to protect Annalise and threatens to tell the truth about Annalise framing him if Eve doesn’t come up with a different strategy to prove his innocence. When Eve returns to the court room, she accuses Annalise of trying to destroy Nate’s life by having someone else stage his involvement in Sam’s death. Displeased with the way things went in court, Annalise broods while her students work. Michaela soon interrupts, speculating about whether or not Caleb’s guilt might have been staged the same way Eve claimed Annalise did with Nate. Further investigation reveals the police performed two DNA tests at the crime scene and the first was deleted when no results appeared. The results of the second test were indeed staged. Later, Annalise has another fight with Bonnie and insists she’s responsible for ruining both Bonnie and her students’ lives. At the arraignment, Caleb and Catherine are charged with first-degree murder, but Annalise supplies the evidence from both DNA tests, which helps her get her edge back. Later, at Nate’s trial, the judge decides to free Nate and asks the D.A. to put together a new case to determine the identity of the actual suspect in Sam Keating’s death. Connor and Oliver talk following their fight and Eve shows up at Annalise’s. Annalise is hurt by the personal attacks Eve used against her in court, but soon looks past it and the two get intimate. Laurel visits Frank to celebrate doing well on her exam and gets an unexpected surprise. Wes returns to his apartment and looks at a photo of Rebecca and Levi, Michaela goes on a date with Levi, and Asher tells the D.A. he’s done being her mole. The D.A., however, informs Asher he’s not quite done with her yet, as she’s just been appointed the new prosecutor on Caleb and Catherine’s case. The next morning, Eve invites Annalise to New York while Nate watches from afar. Flash forward to the present and Connor panics about leaving Annalise while she’s dying, despite the others' hesitance. A final shot indicates that the D.A. is also dead. End of episode. Image Credit: Jennifer Graylock/ How to Get Away with Murder airs every Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.   [embed][/embed]