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Gideon King & City Blog's 'City Blog' Album Review

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Hailing from New York City, Gideon King & City Blog harnesses in their sound a conventional way of sweeping the crowd through with a gargantuan backbeat. The members consists of Gideon King (lead electric, acoustic, and synth guitars, vocals), James Genus (electric and upright bass) Kevin Hays (piano), Willard Dyson (drums), Donald Edwards (drums), Donny Mccaslin (saxophone and flute), Andy Gravish (trumpet), Grace Weber (vocals), Marc Broussard (vocals), Elliott Skinner (vocals), Saul Kurtz (vocals), and Carolyn Leonhart (vocals). Hays does a great rendition of a classically jazzy feel on the piano. The wide array of harmonies that is fully charged by the end of each song is really gratifying. Towards the opener “City Blog” the tinkling of piano keys paint a picture of the city rarely seen before. The shades portrayed in this city is depicted in huge sweeping motions so that what is given is very trustworthy. A rudimentary guide is given to chart the tracks on this album. City Blog is a rich testimony to an artist’s careful reading of one of his most creative endeavors. It harmonizes with the piano and electric and acoustic guitars continually. With a bluesy background that yields through with a summery sound, the piano plays as a backbone to each track. This collection of songs attests to a soothing spacey feel that has an aerial syncopated backbeat. The work spans many a jam session from feeling the tunes in someone’s backyard to the forefront of a concert hall, this album has seen influences such as Steely Dan, John Coltrane, Neil Young, Earth, Wind & Fire, Wayne Shorter, John Scofield, Seal, Pat Metheny and so many more. Gideon King who provides the main vocals to the album, sings for the most part in unison with the chorus. But he lends his insights to the backburner once Carolyn Leonhart takes the microphone and sings for the tracks “Glide” and “Dirty Bastard”. Her synonymous groovy branding interlocks with what the album is gravitating towards. This proves to be an ambitious project as the eclectic wash of continuous valuable contributions synchronizes and slowly with heavy doses of harmonies collects in this album. With such reliable musical visionaries working with him on this album King does a spectacular job of lending his showmanship to the album. King brings back real music with his magical upbringing while born and raised in New York City with gargantuan efforts in his endeavors in revitalizing the musical genres of pop, funk, rock, jazz, and fusion. With such fixtures in mind, King involves a no rules bent and a whatever the ruse is ideology in concocting his soulful and bluesy journey in making his album City Blog happen.