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John Travolta talked about Scientology once again, even though he is supposed to be promoting his new film, The Forger. He said that the controversial religion has helped make his life better, even crediting it with saving his life “several times.” While on Good Morning America Monday, Travolta insisted that if more people read Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s A New Slant on Life and Dianetics, they would better understand the religion. If you don’t, “you’ll speculate - and I think that’s a mistake to do that.” Travolta suggested that because Scientology “really works well,” it has become an easy target. That was likely a dig at Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary Going Clear, which covers Travolta’s relationship with Scientology. “Forty years for me, I’ve been part -- and I’ve loved every minute of it, and my family has done so well with it,” Travolta told GMA. “It’s a beautiful thing for me and I’ve saved lives with it. Saved my own life several times.” The actor cited the death of his son, Jett, who died in 2009 at 16 following a seizure. “Through the loss of my son, it helped me every step of the way for two years solid, and here I am talking to you because of it,” he said of Scientology. Earlier this month, Travolta said that the people who made the film are “disgruntled.” “I've been so happy with my experience in the last 40 years that I really don't have anything to say that would shed light on [a documentary] so decidedly negative,” he told the Tampa Bay Times. Travolta’s new film, The Forger, opens on Friday. image courtesy of Z15/ACE/