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K-Cups are everywhere and they have made John Sylvan, the inventor and co-founder of Keurig Green Mountain, very rich. But Sylvan said in a recent interview that he actually regrets inventing the easy-to-use coffee technology because the plastic cups are notoriously hard to recycle. In an interview with The Atlantic, Sylvan admitted that he didn’t use them, noting how expensive they are. “Plus it’s not like drip coffee is tough to make,” he added. But the cost to consumers isn’t what worries Sylvan. It’s the cost to the environment. Back in 2010, just as the K-Cups were starting on the road to domination, the New York Times did a report on how the cups are nonrecylcable and nonbiodegradable. However, they can only be used in the Keurig brewing machines once before they become useless. “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it,” Sylvan told The Atlantic. Sylvan said that he actually saw the success of the K-Cup coming, but he didn’t think it would become a part of everyday life like it has. “It's like a cigarette for coffee, a single-serve delivery mechanism for an addictive substance,” he said. Monique Oxender, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Keurig since 2012, said that the K-Cup is “fully recyclable,” but changes still must be made. “...We're not happy with where we are either. We have to get a solution, and we have to get it in place quickly,” she said. The company is hoping to have a fully recyclable version by 2020, but that’s not going to stop complaints. #KillTheKCup has become a movement, and even has a video to go with it. The video has over 488,000 views since Jan. 7.