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ESPN SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores started a beef with rapper Iggy Azalea and her boyfriend, Los Angeles Lakers player Nick “Swaggy P” Young, for apparently no good reason. Now, the feud has wheels and is still going on.

Back on Monday, Flores took a dig at Azalea’s rap skills while mentioning Young’s recent tweet about a violent encounter with a dolphin. “So, Nick, while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend's trying to kill hip hop,” Flores said. Young later responded with a flurry of tweets, writing in one, “Its cool to talk about me all day any day I find with that, I can take a joke .. That what I do joke, but I didn't see the point of that.” In another, he added, “Got a lotta people tryna drain me of my energy.” Flores did tweet back sarcastically, “Sooo...what's been going on today??” He made a more direct dig on ESPN Radio’s Sedano & Stink this morning, saying that if the beef got physical, Young would probably miss. “If you look at [Young's] numbers, there is a 70 percent chance that if he takes a shot at me, he’s gonna miss,” Flores joked. That was in reference to Young’s current on-the-court troubles. As The Washington Post points out, Young’s field goal percentage is at a .366, so he is making over 30 percent of his shots. Still, the Lakers are just 16-42 on the season. As for Flores, this sounds like another attempt from a SportsCenter host at being funny. They probably should just stick to making fun of sports figures, not their significant others. image courtesy of