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Future 'Modern Family' episode 'Connection Lost' shot entirely on iPhone 6, MacBook Pro and iPads

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Modern Family’s sixth and current season will have an updated twist for its Feb. 25 episode called "Connection Lost.”

The episode will center on Claire (Julie Bowen) trying to find her daughter Haley, played by Sarah Hyland, following a fight but it will take place entirely online – shot on an iPhone 6s, iPads and a MacBook Pro. She’s in an airport getting ready to leave on a business trip when she’s frantically trying to find Haley and using every device and program she can think of to locate her, with the help of her family of course. Executive producer Steve Levitan realized the potential they had with basing an entire episode online when he was introduced to FaceTime. “I had emails open, some websites... then my daughter showed up" he said about FaceTiming with his daughter. "I could not only see her, but I could see me, and there was something going on behind me, my wife or somebody,” he told The AP. "I realized on that screen, you could tell so much about my life.” When Apple found out about the premise for the episode, they gave the production phones to use for it. “This came from life and it made sense," said Levitan. Variety reports the episode was shot in two days but it was planned out over a few months. They did reach out to the creators of Noah, but they couldn’t help due to prior commitments. image via Peter West/ACE/