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On Friday, Barbara Bowman, one of the women who has accused comedian Bill Cosby of rape, pleaded that her story finally be taken seriously. It looks like people are finally starting to listen, even within Hollywood. Cosby just lost a guest spot on CBS’ The Late Show with David Letterman, according to Newsday, which first reported the news. The site contacted the Late Show, but a rep didn’t say why exactly Cosby’s appearance was cancelled. According to the New York Times, Regis Philbin will appear on the Late Show Wednesday. This is the second time Cosby has been dropped by a talk show in a month. A few weeks ago, The Queen Latifah Show dropped him, although producers for the show insisted it was Cosby’s decision to pull out of the show. The news comes just hours after Borman’s op-ed in the Washington Post was published. In it, she asked why her allegations were not taken seriously until after Hannibal Buress’ comments and the now-infamous social media experiment. Borman claims that she was raped and drugged by Cosby in the mid-1980s. She was going to be among the women to testify for Andrea Constand’s 2004 lawsuit against Cosby, but that case didn’t go to trial, since Constand and Cosby settled. NBC is still developing a sitcom with Cosby and Netflix will soon feature a special featuring the former Cosby Show star. image via