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Gunmen kill polio workers in Pakistan

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Authorities said that three woman with a polio vaccination team and their driver, were shot and killed Wednesday in Pakistan. CNN reported that gunman opened fire on the team in the Balochistan province. Two of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene and two others were transported to a local hospital where they died a short time later. Reuters noted that law enforcement officials said the workers were on their way to meet a police escort when the attack occurred. “Two men on a motorcycle intercepted the van and shot the occupants using a hand gun,” a police spokesman said. The Taliban has targeted polio vaccination groups in the past, but so far no one has claimed responsibility for the latest attack. Polio cases have been on the rise this year in Pakistan. The potentially fatal disease is spread from person to person and can lead to paralysis. Most infected people do not exhibit any symptoms, however, those that do could experience a fever, nausea and fatigue. The symptoms usually subside in a few days. Children who recover from the virus could develop muscle pain several years later. The most effective way to treat polio is through vaccination.