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Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison will be renewing their vows

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Courtney Stodden and ex-beau Doug Hutchison have confirmed they are back together. Stodden and Hutchison’s relationship received a lot of media attention because of couple’s 35-year age gap. After one year of marriage, they appeared on VH1’s Couples Therapy in an attempt to salvage their relationship but confirmed their separation in November 2013, explaining that they would be separating but still wanted to remain in each other’s lives. Krista Keller, Stodden’s mom and manager, recently discussed the couple’s relationship, confirming to Fox411 that Stodden and Hutchison will be renewing their vows at the end of the year. "Courtney realized just how much love she really had for Doug," Keller revealed. "They really love each other and wanted to be together." Keller later added that Stodden now realizes her love for Hutchison and “wants to be with her original choice, her husband.” Stodden, who appeared on Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother, further confirmed the couple’s relationship status on Twitter, responding to fans questions regarding the engagement and thanking everyone for their well wishes.

Stodden most recently made a cameo appearance in 50 Cent’s music video for “Don’t Worry Bout It” and will be releasing Love Addict, a comedic film starring Alyshia Ochse (The Other Woman), Heather Paige Cohn(Alpha House), Candace Kita (Barb Wire), and Simona Roman (Gallowwalkers), later this year. Image via