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Georgia dad who left toddler in hot car in unhappy marriage, wanted 'child-free life'

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The Georgia dad who left his 22-month-old son locked in his SUV during a hot day for most of the day allegedly was in an unhappy marriage and no longer wanted to have a child, a detective testified. During a hearing on Thursday, Cobb County Det. Phil Stoddard testified that 33-year-old Justin Ross Harris clearly was in a miserable marriage and sexted with other women ahead of his son's death, NBC News reports. Harris desired a "child-free life." Stoddard noted during his testimony, "Evidence shows he has this whole second life ... with alternate personas." Warrants found Harris looked up online "what temperature [a vehicle] needs to be" to kill a child kept in a car and authorities say that Harris' son Cooper's death continues to appear more likely it wasn't "simple negligence." ABC News notes that the father also had searches on surviving in prison and another about being child free. Another chilling bit of information that came up during the hearing, according to The Associated Press was that the Harris and his wife had taken out two life insurance policies on their son. As previously reported, Harris was arrested and charged with felony murder and first-degree child cruelty in June after it was discovered he had left Cooper in the hot vehicle for seven hours. He claimed that he forgot the boy was in his carseat in the back of the car until after work when he went to Akers Mill Square shopping center. Harris has pleaded not guilty and remains held in jail without bond.