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E! News anchor Jason Kennedy engaged to blogger Lauren Scruggs

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E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy proposed to his girlfriend, fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs, on Friday evening and she happily accepted. E! Online reported that the TV co-host spelled out the words “Will you in marry me” in candles below the 25-year-old's balcony at her Dallas home.

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Kennedy and Scruggs both tweeted and posted Instagram photos about their happy news. US Weekly confirmed that the couple has been dating since last July and the 32-year-old Kennedy recently gushed that he had fallen hard for his now bride-to-be. The two have been traveling between Texas, where she lives, and California, where he resides, to make their long-distance relationship work. In December of 2011, Scruggs lost her left eye and hand when she walked into a spinning airplane propeller. She wrote about the horrific accident in her book titled Still LoLo. So far no wedding date has been announced, but the entertainment network will most likely share all the details once they become available.