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Jay Z's Made In America festival expands to Los Angeles

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Jay-Z 's 'Made in America' festival is expanding to Los Angeles, which makes this festival one of the few ever bicoastal festivals. Billboard reported that the festival will be taking place in Los Angeles and Philadelphia during Labor Day weekend. The event will extend for two-days and be happening simultaneously between Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Rapper, producer Jay-Z made the announcement earlier today on the steps of Los Angeles' City Hall. Joining him for the announcement was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, The LA Times added. If fans cannot attend the festival in either city the lineup will be livestreamed by Budweiser. The lineup for both events are expected to be released in early May. Jay-Z spoke about the upcoming event and thanked the partners involved for making this an interact and accessible festival. "I want to thank Budweiser for putting together a show that's in the city, not some far-off place you can't get to. No disrespect to any other festivals, no shots. Look how beautiful this park is, it's accessible to everyone, it's inclusion it's not exclusion. We started two years ago in Philadelphia and had huge success, and I'm sure we'll have even more success here in Los Angeles. We're very proud to be here in America."