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Infamous chemical found in 500 food items

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After the chemical Azodicarbonamide recently made headlines for being in Subway bread, the ‘yoga mat’ chemical has been found in 500 different food items. According to the statecolumnafter azodicarbonamide or ADA was famously found in Subway sandwich bread earlier this year, the controversial chemical has since been found on the labels of many popular food brands, including Pillsbury, Little Debbie, Sara Lee, Wonder, Smucker’s, Nature’s Own, Fleischman’s and Jimmy Dean. Researchers scanned the ingredient lists of more than 80,000 foods and found ADA many times. The chemical is used to create spongy and light materials when mixed into polymer plastic gel. According to the nydailynews ADA is banned in Europe and Australia and has been linked to respiratory issues and allergies by the World Health Organization, which cites studies of workers exposed to relatively high levels. It will be interesting to see what happens next with the product seeing as though it is found in so many items and has been already been proven to cause health-related issues.