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'Helix' Recap: 'Bloodline'

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

Day 8 begins with a Vector crawling through the air ducts. He comes to the the lab where Julia, Alan, and Sarah are eating breakfast. He uses his x-ray vision on them then moves on. By the way, vectors have x-ray vision now. At the lab/breakfast table Julia is eating voraciously, while Alan and Sarah voice their concerns about her health. The two freak out when Julia pretends to choke and references the chestburster scene from Alien. Alan does not respond well to the joke, and leaves when a contamination alarm goes off. He arrives at a storeroom that has chairs and coffee tables for some reason where a vector was killed by members of Daniel's security team. Alan suggests that the vector led the guards there so they would spread his blood and contaminate the food supply. Elsewhere, Sarah is inspecting Julia, who tells her about her newly delicate vision. When Sarah tests it she notices the contacts, so Julia reveals her silver eyes and asks her to keep it a secret. In Hatake's office Constance is looking through his scrapbook of Julia when her right hand man Lt. Klein enters. She tells him to let the escaped vectors go wild so the CDC team will be pressured to work faster. Constance asks him why she can't figure out Julia's importance, he tells her it's not her fault and she gives him a pair of boots. Alan goes to confront Hatake, who is tied up in a chair. He says he had nothing to do with Julia's recovery but warns Alan that she is in danger. To prove his point, Constance knocks on Julia'a door, and when she answers, grabs her and pulls her into the light, exposing the silver eyes. Alan arrives to find Julia's room guarded. Constance tells him that Julia now belongs to the Ilaria Corporation. While Daniel is leading Anana to her escape, they find Balleseros cuffed to a hospital bed with his wound exposed. Anana begins to stitch him up, but leaves when he tells her that he was involved in taking the kids. He then uses a surgical tool she left behind to pick his handcuffs. In the lab where Alan and Sarah are working she tells him that she found no trace of how Julia was cured. Alan says he wants to break Julia out so they send Klein to get the necessary explosives. However, Julia takes it in her own hands and escapes through the air ducts. She is cornered by a pair of vectors but they don't touch her. Anana wants Daniel to go with her, but he insists on staying behind to clean up the mess he helped make. She gives him a picture of the two of them with Daniel's twin brother as children. As Alan and Sarah are working on Julia's escape she arrives in the duct above them. Alan tells her to free Hataki because they are going ahead with his plan to kill Constance. When Constance arrives Alan persuades her to look at what he's discovered, falling right into his exploding microscope trap. However, she is saved from the blast by Klein even though she probably could have survived it anyway. Alan and Sarah run still believing that Constance is dead. They stop to discuss their plans when Constance's voice comes over the speakers. She tells Alan to meet her in isolation or she will kill Peter. When Julia gets to Hatake he tells her to hide. She refuses so after she gets him loose he sedates her and hides her behind his secret door. Anana finds Balleseros hotwiring her snowmobile. They fight and he gets the upper hand, but when the guards arrive he gives himself up so she can escape. Julia wakes up with a torn picture in her hand. She leaves the hidden room and looks at the photo, which shows her as a child with Hatake standing fatherly behind her. She is then captured when more guards arrive. When Alan gets to the showdown with Constance, she immediately pulls a hose from Peter's cryo-suit. Sarah sets off the sound bomb that she and Alan happened upon, and the guards fall to their knees. Constance pistol whips Alan to the floor and goes to investigate. Vectors drop from the air ducts and carry the still unconscious Peter away. Alan and Sarah meet up with Hatake, who takes them to the secret room where Julia was. Then Daniel arrives to tell them that Constance is planning an evacuation and he might know where Julia is. Hatake says he will take care of Constance while the others free Julia. Hatake and Constance talk about their history and point out that he still wears the watch she gave him. Constance confirms that Julia is Hatake's daughter and calls her an "abomination". While Alan, Sarah, and Daniel free Julia from her shipping box prison Hatake announces over the speakers that he is back in charge. In the white room that isn't a room Daniel tells Hatake that his name is Miksa now, and Constance joins the other severed heads.