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Since leaving Disney in September, Jerry Bruckheimer had cast about to find a suitable studio to partner up with and he has found one in Paramount, one that will let him have more "freedom." The Pirates of the Caribbean producer talked with TheWrap about working with Paramount again. He said that he signed a deal with the movie studio because he feels it's "comfortable" and likes many of the people he has known there over the years. He explained that with Paramount he would "have the freedom and opportunity to make various kinds of pictures," which is something he said he couldn't do with Disney. Bruckheimer elaborated that ending his partnership with Disney was also the result of wanting to make movies that he himself would want to watch and he just doesn't "want to see PG movies. I want to see hard PG-13 and R movies." Bruckheimer noted that Disney tended to focus on making movies that follow a "narrow band," while he loves "experiencing something completely different." As previously reported on Friday, the producer officially signed with Paramount, returning to the studio that he had worked on his earlier hits with. While still producing Pirates for Disney, he has set his sights on bringing Eddie Murphy into a new Beverly Hills Cop movie as well as continuing with the Top Gun sequel. image: Wikimedia Commons