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Delta will honor tickets bought at super cheap, mistaken prices

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Delta Air Lines said Thursday that it will honor tickets that customers purchased during a two hour window when fares were super cheap thanks to a computer glitch. Some roundtrip fares around the country were as low as $25. The glitch occurred from around 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday, reports The Associated Press. Super cheap prices suddenly popped up on Delta’s site and other airline ticket providers and customers pounced on them, swapping stories of cheap prices on social media. Some examples include a Cincinnati to Minneapolis roundtrip ticket for $25.05 and Cincinnati to Salt Lake City for $48.41. Usually, these tickets would be over $400. College student Eric Gesimondo told Bloomberg that he snatched a March trip from Boston to Hawaii for just $68. Although the Atlanta-based Delta said the glitch was fixed, a spokesman told the AP that the fares will be honored. It turns out that airline ticket pricing glitches are more common than you think. United Airlines has had the same issue four times since March 2012, although Delta said that it had been years since it happened to them. image: Wikimedia Commons