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MTV is now getting into sports by teaming up with World Series MVP David Ortiz and Major League Baseball for an untitled show that brings pop culture and baseball together. The Boston Red Sox designated hitter and Pittsburgh Pirates outfield Andrew McCutchen will both executive produce the show, which will start next spring, as the 2014 season kicks off. According to the Associated Press, the show will probably air on MTV2, which draws more male viewers than MTV. It is going to be filmed at the MLB Fan Cave in Manhattan, which has hosted events for fans and even concerts. Tim Brosnan, MLB executive vice president for business, told the AP that the network showed interest in working with Ortiz when they saw the Fan Cave short with him walking through New York Yankees territory. The Fan Cave has also had videos with Robinson Cano visiting a fan and David PRice and James Shields playing pranks, but Ortiz has been more active with the Fan Cave. MTV president Stephen Friedman was also impressed by the fact that Ortiz is the Red Sox’s musical director. “That’s gold for us,” he told the AP. As NBC Sports notes, the series should be used to help baseball reach MTV’s younger demographic. While baseball has been able to draw strong ratings, it is still not doing too well with the younger demos and this show could help them solve that. The MLB has also been criticized for not coming up with creative ideas to promote stars. “Like any other business, cultivating new fans and customers is, was and always will be an imperative for baseball,” Brosnan said. MTV and MLB did not announce the exact date the show will premiere. There were also no details on other content partnerships between MLB and MTV. image: Wikimedia Commons