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'Michael J. Fox Show' recap: Season 1, episode 3 - 'Art'

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

In the third episode of The Michael J. Fox Show, Eve has begun taking photography classes at the community center. Mike and Annie begin to get worried after discovering that all of Eve’s pictures are of naked male models. Eve has just begun opening up to them, so they are afraid to stop her from taking her class. They both try to talk to Eve to get her to quit the classes, but they both fail. Mike tries to tell Eve to stop her classes but she ends up reminding him about how he loves the guitar and tells him how happy she is that he embraces her art. When Annie tries to scare her out but ends up posing for Eve’s art. Mike and Eve then decide to try to steal Eve’s art so the pictures of Annie are not in the Community Center Art show. That plan is foiled when they run into a security guard and have to run away without the pictures. Ian begins to have doubts about dating Reese and confides in Michael that they are in a fight. Mike tells Reese to just avoid fighting and tell women “I’m wrong, your right, I’m sorry.” Graham takes this as a challenge and proceeds to cause havoc in the house and apologize as Mike has taught him. He builds an extremely large crazy straw and dumps soda all over the carpet, and overflows the dishwasher to make a “bubble room” for him and his friends. It works well until Annie, who knows Mike’s trick, catches him and reprimands him. While this is going on, Ian has decided to break up with Reese. He follows Harris’s advice and breaks up with Reese, using a used car metaphor to describe how he is young and needs to test-drive a few options. Reese is extremely hurt by the breakup and cry’s to Leigh for help. Leigh seems to take personal offence to the situation and makes it her quest to make Harris apologize and get Ian and Reese back together. In the end Ian and Reese end up working things out after Ian realizes he still really likes Reese and didn’t actually want to break up with her. Eventually Mike and Annie decide to just act as responsible parents and tell Eve she can no longer take “artsy” pictures because “their the parents.” While she is mad at them at first, it shows by the end of the episode that she respects them for acting as her responsible parents. The Michael J. Fox Show airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30C on NBC.