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Former President George H. W. Bush shaves head for 2-year-old leukemia patient

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Former United States President George H.W. Bush shaved his on Tuesday in support of a two-year-old boy, Patrick, suffering from leukemia. The boy, who lost his hair from treatments, is the son of a member of Bush’s Secret Service detail. At the request of the family, his last name is not being released, according to Reuters. The nations 41st President and his Protective Division all began to shave their locks last week to back Patrick. Jim McGrath, Bush’s spokesman tweeted two pictures today, one of 89-year-old Bush and Patrick together with in shaven solidarity, and the other with the 26 members of his security staff and Bush posing with together with Patrick. While Patrick’s prognosis is “good,” his treatment still continues as the illness prevails. Bush and his security staff have also started up a website,, and a 50-mile motorcycle ride through Maine to help with the toddler’s medical expenses, according to CBS News. The fight against the blood disease is especially important to Bush and his wife Barbara, who lost their four-year-old daughter, Robin, to leukemia in 1953. This October marks the 60 anniversary of her death. Leukemia has been important issue for the family. Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and teens, and as it accounts for about 1 out of 3 cancers, according to The American Cancer Society. Photo courtesy of tumblr.