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It was just two days ago, on Sept. 18, that we were all ranting and raving about the short thirty-second teaser Netflix released for The Punisher. Now they’ve released a new, full-length trailer and we can’t believe how incredibly cool it looks.

Alright — maybe you didn’t love The Defenders quite as much as you had hoped, and maybe you thought Iron Fist was pretty boring (we definitely did, at least), but I think we can all agree that this trailer was the one that we've been waiting for.

This trailer introduces us to some brand new footage, and gives us some new plot details as well. Frank Castle's wife was seemingly killed right in front of his very eyes, and it looks like he's about to go to war against the entire military to get revenge for it. Credit: Youtube Throw some Metallica music on top of that, and this might be one of the better trailers that Netflix has put out yet. And was that Karen Page, from Daredevil, we saw for a split-second in there?! [caption id="attachment_701272" align="alignnone" width="600"]Punisher Credit: Youtube[/caption] Seeing how the two teamed up during the later episodes in the second season of Daredevil, it would make sense. Now we're curious if anyone else from the Netflix Marvel Universe will be making cameos as well (Kingpin maybe?). Frank Castle is being played by Jon Bernthal. Netflix STILL hasn't given us an exact release date — and we don't really know how to interpret that — but it will be released at some point this fall.