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Harry Styles celebrates 19th birthday in a big way

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Cover your eyes, directioners, this is something that might upset your tween hearts! One Direction singer, Harry Styles, turned 19 over the weekend and he celebrated in a big way. Harry last night on Twitpic In some leaked photos, it seems that Styles had a female stripper present at his birthday celebrations. According to MTV UK, the stripper was brought in by Harry’s pal Nick Grimshaw, who hosts a radio show on BBC One. It wasn’t racy though, according to The Sun, who Harry spoke to about his birthday party. "It was great. I was in stitches – it was really funny." Styles said that Grimshaw told him to sit tight because he was bringing a cake in, but then Harry saw a woman dressed up as a cop and he knew what was happening. The party was held at a London club where bandmate Niall Horan and a few other friends of Harry’s were in attendance. Thank goodness that Taylor Swift is no longer in the picture because she would definitely not be happy about Harry’s risque birthday celebrations.