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Despite drama in personal life, Lindsay Lohan tweets excitement for tonight's debate

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Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan’s father MIchael is on a mission to send her back to rehab and get her on a court ordered conservatorship, the Parent Trap actress seems more nervous about the presidential debate than what her father is attempting to do with her personal life. The 26-year-old actress took to Twitter on the third Presidential debate to write, “OMG it is HAPPENING!!!!!!!! The Final Debate!!!!! I'm so nervous!”

Lohan previously told reporters that she plans to throw her support to Republican Governor Mitt Romney.”I just think employment is really important right now. So, as of now, Mitt Romney. As of now…It’s a long story.” At the time, the Liz and Dick actress was not registered to vote, but her publicist did say that she was in the process of filing the paperwork. Lohan joins the list of celebrity supporters for the GOP hopeful, which includes Elisabeth Hasselback, Janine Turner, Kid Rock, Sam Moore, Chuck Norris and Trace Adkins.