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Deaf, quadriplegic comedian dies at 24

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

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David Rose, who became an Internet sensation after cracking jokes at his disabilities on his blog, died Thursday from pneumonia. Radar Online reports that Rose was born almost completely deaf, as well as with cerebral palsy, but overcame his impairments by making hilarious Internet postings – his sister Nicole as his editor. The star communicated through a Tobii eye-gaze computer. Rose became deathly ill when his cold turned to pneumonia. The 24-year-old wrote, “Today I found out I have pneumonia. It’s not the nice kind either, where you cough for few days then go home and have ice cream. It’s the bad kind where you probably donot go home.” The young fighter also completed a final blog post for his sister to post if he were to die. But if he had made it, Rose promised he would “write a funny new post with lost of boob jokes in it.” Nicole directed Rose’s Twitter followers to the funny man’s final blog post after he passed away. Rose wrote before he died, “You have flung love and hope at me for long time using internet! Some of you on other side of a big ocean, I do not know if you have to fling harder buy you did great job. I learn in a short life that what make the world special are good people like all you. Otherwise, it just be boring blue rock zipping around the sun looking for trouble. I have to go now. I love you all. I really do. You are amazing. I will never forget you!”