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'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

If there's one thing I can point out that I don't like about Justified, it's that the storyline starts off promising, then takes a while to get going. The same thing happened in seasons one and two. In the first season, the Boyd vs. Raylan arc was set up in the premiere, but then took a few episodes to get back to it. The season two premiere showed how corrupt the Bennetts were, but then moved away from Harlan for a bit. The same thing seems to be happening in season three. The premiere last week introduced us to the men behind the Dixie Mafia presence in Lexington, personified by a man from Detroit named Quarles. He shows up, and people die who haven't been getting the job done. Not much is said about this character, but his actions at least spark interest. Not a single mention of this guy in episode two. Instead, this episode, "Cut Ties," is focusing on a murdered US Marshal and trying to find out who killed him and why. It's a good story for the types of characters in this show, but after that first episode, I wanted more Dixie Mafia. In to help on the case is Assistant Director Karen Goodall, played by Carla Gugino (who had played US Marshal Karen Sisco in the TV show based on that character from another Elmore Leonard novel), who seems to know Raylan from years past. With the Marshal dead, Art dispatches his team to secure the witnesses that the fallen Marshal was protecting. Raylan and Goodall go to a hotel to visit a criminal who was once put away by one of the witnesses that Nichols (dead Marshal) was protecting. Raylan and Goodall subdue Little Joe, and realize with him in town, the guy who put him away could be a target. Art is already at the house with Terry Powe, who we know at this point is the one who killed Nichols. Art has Powe pack a bag, in which Powe conceals a gun, and they get in the car. While Powe is laying down in the back seat, Art checks the car's GPS and sees that Powe drove to where Nichols' body was found earlier. Art takes Powe down and ties him up in his own house. At the same time, Rachel is at another home protecting a witness who is going to testify against some crime boss. Two men come to kill the witness, but are dispatched by Rachel and Art, after he gets there. Case closed. All that's well and good, entertaining television, but the the better parts of the episode had to do with Boyd in prison trying to get after Dickie Bennett. Dickie is placed in solitary at Raylan's request, so Boyd figures out a way to join him. Dickie's door opens and in comes Boyd, with every intention of killing the last, remaining Bennett, after Dickie gives up the location of Mags' hidden fortune. Dickie tells Boyd that he could never get the money he's after with Dickie dead, though. Dickie tells Boyd the money is with a man named Limehouse. Boyd seems displeased, and upon leaving jail, he tells Ava the same news, and she isn't all to happy about it either. The last scene of the episode introduces the audience to Limehouse, who seems as back-woods as Mags in doling out his own brand of justice. He scolds an employee for sleeping on guard duty, and tells him he can never fail again or die if he fails that, or have his hand dipped in lye and be horribly disfigured for the rest of his life. He chooses the former, for obvious reasons. Limehouse seems like he has a solid opportunity to be a good villian, as least on par with Mags from last season. But now that he's been introduced, let's hope it's not a few episodes until we see him again.