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Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy are Hollywood's most overpaid actors

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Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy have been named Hollywood’s most overpaid actors. Forbes reported that Eddie Murphy returns just $2.70 for every dollar he earns, and Drew Barrymore just 44 cents for every dollar she earns. To put this into perspective, Forbes said Nicole Kidman, who is 10th on the list, returns $6.70 for every dollar she earns. Both actors faced box-office flops in the past few years, barely, if at all, generating enough to cover the production budget. Other stars that made the list were Will Ferrel ($3.50), Reese Witherspoon ($3.55) and Denzel Washington ($4.25), the NY Daily News reported. In order to compile the list, Forbes looked at the 40 highest paid stars with movies released within the past three to five years. They then added up production budgets and divided by how much the actors earned. Forbes said it didn’t include Drew Barrymore’s role in He’s Just Not That Into You because she wasn’t the “star” of the movie or Eddie Murphy’s role in Shrek since it was an animated film.