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Former Vice President Al Gore's San Francisco cable and Internet video channel, Current TV, announced a shift in its programming and laid off 80 workers on Wednesday.

The cuts largely affected workers at its Los Angeles based production and programming facilities. Current TV offices in New York, San Francisco and London also received cutbacks.

Fired workers were production and support staff of cancelled shows like "Current Tonight," "Current Takeover" and "Current Exposed."

The television network plans to fill new positions that are being created by the new programming strategy. The plan is for the company to end with about 300 employees.

Programming Chief David Neuman was let go, after being with Current since its 2005 launch.

The network was acquired by an investment group led by Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt from Vivendi for $70 million.

Earlier this year, Current TV was in the headlines because Laura Ling and Euna Lee, two of its journalists, were held captive for five months by North Korea. In August, former President Bill Clinton helped conduct their release.

Current is available in 55 million U.S. households.