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Talks are swirling throughout entertainment news that Eddie Murphy could be the next to host the Oscars in February. The Oscars will debut its 84th award show in February and talks of the funny man are in the works. According to Mercury News, Oscar producer Brett Ratner will propose that Murphy host next year’s award ceremony at a meeting set for Tuesday. Murphy is described as “showing interest” in the proposition, but has not given a solid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether or not he would accept. Rumors also state that the Oscars are desperate for a hit next year after Anne Hathaway and James Franco’s performance was ultimately labeled a “flop.” Ratner, who will co-produce the Oscars,comments, “That's the most important thing I can accomplish…If people can sit in that theater and laugh, and people can watch at home around the world and laugh, then I've accomplished what I want to do."