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Singing superstar Mariah Carey sent a $7,500 mink coat to Mongolia as part of PETA's annual fur clothing drive for the homeless. The folks in Mongolia are still waiting.

"After (Carey) received two floor-length minks from a rich admirer, she resealed the box and sent them to PETA," a spokesman said. "One coat was on its Switzerland - where it was to be included in a sealed container bound for Mongolia as part of a worldwide fur-coat drive in conjunction with the Swiss Animal Protection Society. But the coat never arrived."

Mimi's donation would have contributed to the organization's yearly effort to keep the poor and homeless warm during the winter months. Fur clothing is cut into pieces to line the winter coats of Mongolian nomads.

Carey, who recently wrapped her Adventures of Mimi tour, scored three nominations at this year's American Music Awards, but lost in all three categories. Her upcoming projects include a follow-up album to the highly successful "The Emancipation of Mimi," due next year, as well as a starring role in the movie "Tennessee."