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J.K. Rowling accused of plagiarizing

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A lawsuit against J.K. Rowling accusing her of plagiarizing was withdrawn in Britain. Daily India reports that the estate of late author Paul Allen sued the Harry Potter author for stealing a few creative ideas from his book The Adventures of Willy the Wizard and used them in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Reuters reports that Rowling was accused of stealing “substantial parts” of the book. Rowling’s publisher claims that Rowling had never heard of Jacobs’ book before the copyright claim in 2004. However, the case was closed because the estate did not pay the 1.5 million pounds as security to the judge by Friday. "The case is dead for now," Max Markson, spokesman for the estate, reported on Monday. "Can it be revived? Yes, it could be taken up in another country, another jurisdiction." The case has been closed in the United States as well. The claims against Rowling were described as “hopeless and speculative.”