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Dimension Films gearing up for a new kind of 'Clone' wars

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Move aside, vampires -- Dimension Films seems to think clones are the next big pop culture phenomenon. According to Deadline, the distributors recently snagged the rights for a film adaptation of How to Defeat Your Own Clone. Written by Kyle Kurpinski and Terry D. Johnson, the best-selling "guidebook" sheds a humorous light on possible dire consequences of human cloning and offers tips to the average human being should they ever be enslaved and/or endangered by their robotic alter-egos. The Hollywood Reporter says the film version would center on a young man facing the aftermath of a futuristic civil war and subsequently setting out to bring power back to the hands of humans. Also according to The Hollywood Reporter, there is no director currently attached to the project, although Gotham Group's Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson are on board to produce while ex-Marvel Comics scribe Ed Ricourt will adapt the screenplay. Bob Weinstein, founder of Dimension Films, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming project. “I’m excited to be working with Gotham and Ed Ricourt and feel this story has a fun and unique take on cloning that will be an entertaining movie for audiences,” Weinstein told Deadline. There's still no news as to whether the clones will sparkle in the sunlight.