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Review of Shayna Leigh's new EP, 'Hey Shayna Leigh'

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Shayna Leigh is a pop singer-songwriter from Orlando, FL. Her latest EP comes off the heels of a successful EP, The Cold Hard Truth and the Dream, that was released in January 2014. This EP, Hey Shayna Leigh, features five songs and displays her writing and vocal talent, and is set to be released on September 9th. For Hey Shayna Leigh, Leigh enlisted the help of songwriter Peter Zizzio, who has worked with big talents like Celine Dion. The entire EP manages to highlight Leigh’s unique voice, by adding various vocal tracks, creating nice background harmonies. The addition of various instruments throughout the EP keeps the listener on their feet. From piano to flute to handclaps, Leigh manages to keep her music music interesting yet not-too-complicated. The first single off of the EP is “Drive,” opens with a soft guitar that leads into Leigh’s distant vocals. “Drive” also features some interesting additions to the song, like claps, what sounds to be a cajon, and Leigh’s voice harmonizing in the background, giving the song a nice sound. The message of the song is also sweet and inspiring, urging the listener to just keep going and drive. The last track on the EP, and one of my favorites, is “Next To Me.” I especially liked the “doo doo doo doo’s” all throughout the song, and the flute in the background, that makes the song distinct from all the others off of the EP. All of the instruments on the track create a kind of jazz-influenced feel, while still keeping the song light, airy, and modern. Hey Shayna Leigh is a nicely constructed, feel-good EP, that’s ideal for laying back and just listening to.